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Michael corset style bra Sol Warren may be reached

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As far as overall toxicity goes, corset style bra New Jersey was on the high end of states in WIRED's survey, with 8.8 percent of comments from here being identified as toxic. That's still better than Vermont, which earns the title of the country's "trolliest" state -- 12 percent of the comments posted there were tagged as toxic.

(Who womens bikinis sale knew? It always seems so placid and pleasant there when we visit.)

As might be expected, the most toxic time suit underwear of the day nationwide is 3 a.m. -- at that hour, 11 percent of comments are toxic. Further proof that sleep cures all ills, including the urge to pick unwinnable fights with complete strangers.

WIRED partnered with online commenting platform vbrsevb44th Disqus to gather data for the article. Disqus' software is used by more than 7,000 websites, and over the 16-month period the company analyzed 92 million comments from almost 2 million commenters. The analysis rated comments on a scale from 0 to 1, and any comment that scored a 0.9 or higher was considered "toxic." Major websites like Facebook, Twitter and -- where of course we never, ever have a problem with trollers and toxic comments -- were not included in the study because they do not use Disqus.

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