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    To get wholesale halloween costumes into the spirit (pun intended), here's a roundup of the best bootleg and unlicensed Halloween costumes for 2016.

    Although the latest wholesale swimwear costume trends tend towards what dominates the airwaves  this year it was mostly superhero movies and bizarre politics  we've tried to make sure this list has something for everyone. Sure, there are some questionably named superheroes and some costumes which may have been intended as generically political but in fact edge into the nightmarish.

    However, swimwear manufacturers 2016's costume catalogues also provide 90s throwbacks, poorly thought out tributes to late celebrities, shout outs to online horror memes, and whatever the hell Teen Anime Fighter is. It's a rich tapestry woven from the purest WTF, as well as a middle finger to copyright lawyers everywhere.

    To make it onto vbrsevb44th this list, all costumes had to be easily recognizable, with no explanation needed as to what the official character or franchise was. They also had to pass a basic offensiveness test, so nothing labeled as Sexy [Insert Cultural Stereotype Here] was getting within a thousand miles of this list. Luckily, these criteria still left a lot to work with, which you'll see below.

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